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Skateboarding Information & Facts

Skateboarding is a sport beloved by men and women of all ages. Many people assume that it is a man’s sport, but there are just as many women who love to participate, watch, and otherwise enjoy the lifestyle. Patti McGee was the first professional skateboarder and many have come since her. The sport is fun and exciting and while it is sometimes dangerous, pads and protective gear keep the injuries down.

Skateboarding was once banned in Norway. The two-year ban occurred between 1987 – 1989, due to the risks and injury that skateboarding brought. It is now legal for those in the country, thankfully, since the popularity only continues to rise.  Over the years, skateboarding has grown into a sport that people of all ages enjoy, particularly teens and the 20-somethings. If you’re looking for a challenging, yet very rewarding activity, why not make today the one that you learn to skateboard brooklyn ny?

Although really popular in Brooklyn, skateboarding was first introduced in 1950, originating in California. It is a sport derived from surfing. Although some people assume that skateboarding is a man’s sport, quite the opposite is true. Just as many women enjoy skateboarding as men and it’s been this way since the sport first came about. Patti McGee is the first female professional skateboarder!

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Skateboarders not only have tons of fun learning how to maneuver their board in fun and exciting ways, but they also develop many skills during their expeditions. Hand-eye coordination, for example, is one of the things that skateboarders learn and use in their sport every day. The sport is rewarding, as learning new tricks makes you feel great from the inside out.  It is intense and sometimes hard to learn to skateboard but trust that your efforts are worth every second. You’ll love the joys of skateboarding!