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Safety Aspects Of Kids Jumping Cups & Jumps

This short article does two things. First, it reminds all stakeholders in the business of minding the equine species to remain focused on all aspects of safety on behalf of both horse and rider. And if you are a horse lover, you may be swayed to remark; especially for the horse. And if you are a doting parent, you’ll probably be saying; and especially for the kids. Never you fear. The second aspect brought up in this article is to give great encouragement to all those good parents who want everything of the best for their kids to take them out for their first horse riding lessons.

kids horse jumps

During this worthy exercise, specialized kids horse jumps and cups are used. These days, there will be a strong focus on the safety aspects. The course designer and trainer – trainer of horse, and coach to the kids – will be utilizing cups, fences and jumps that are of appropriate size to the kid and its weight. It also needs to be appropriate to the size of the horse. The age of the horse should be taken into account too.

It’s ideal that small kids will be taking their first lessons on small ponies. These creatures are among the more docile of the entire equine species and will probably not take kindly to making athletic jumps of showjumping proportions. No, what needs to be borne in mind is that these horse jumps and cups are not designed for sheer athletic purposes. Rather, they are used to teach the young horse (and its rider) balance and composure.

And of course, both horse and rider need to achieve good levels of fitness. It’s a great learning exercise for kids, moms and dads, it’s well worth the trip.